Personalised Poetry
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   Personalised Poetry   

Questions I am often asked:

What is Personalised Poetry?


A Personalised Poem is written about a specific person or specific people from details supplied by a relative or friend. Personalised poems are enduring gifts that can be framed, put on display for all to see and passed on to future generations.


When is it used?

Personalised Poetry is becoming very popular for weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, eulogies or memorials, to cheer up the sick , for graduations etc. The list is practically endless. I have also written poems about departed pets.

How long does it take to write a poem?

I can usually write a poem in 4 or 5 hours; however I rarely have 5 hours at any one time so it could be spread over a few days. Then there is the presentation time with photographs, graphics, an embossed border or a combination of all three.


If I wish you to write a personalised poem, what do I need to do?


Send me as much information as you can about the subject of the poem. I will send you a pro forma as a guide to help you get started. The more material I have to choose from, the better and more personal the poem will be.

What do you do?

Using the material you send me, I write the poem in rhyming verse, add graphics and/or your photographs; those that I feel are appropriate and would present well when enlarged. I then have the poem enlarged on a fairly stiff card that is suitable for framing. When completed, I add decorations such as a silver or gold border and other decorations that would be appropriate for the particular occasion. I don't use profanity or offensive wording in my poems.


How much do you charge?


A poem with one or two photographs and/or graphics costs Aus.$105.00 plus postage and packaging; If more photographs are used, I charge $115.00 plus p&p as there is more time involved in getting them just right.


How about extra copies?


Identical copies of the finished project are $15.00 each; copies of the poem itself on A4 paper are $5.00 each.



How do you send the finished product and how much for delivery?

I use a postal tube so postage and packaging is $8.00 extra; or if it needs to be sent by express post, the cost is $11.50 (That's within Australia; Overseas deliveries would cost more).


How long have you been writing poetry?

For more than forty years. I have published two books of verse and my works have been published in seven independent anthologies. I have been writing personalised poetry for fourteen years.

How do I pay?


If paying by cheque, cheques should be made payable to Mr. S Kay.

If you wish to pay by direct deposit, you will find my EFT details at the foot of your invoice.

Friday, June 22, 2018
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